Live Option Chain Analysis – NIFTY and BANKNIFTY

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How To Read Graphs and Data

Option Chain Markings Description

1Index (underlying instrument) for which data is presented
2Last update time of the chart to ensure the recency of the data
3Current market price of the instrument (spot price)
4Open, high, low of the day of the instrument (spot price)
5Sentiments of bigger players
6Short term (immediate) and long term (overall) view as per current options data
7Average change percent in the price of CE and PE options
8Current implied volatility (IV) of immediate ITM of CE and PE
9Greeks - Delta (imp for intraday) and theta (imp for day and overnight trades) of immediate ITM of CE and PE
10Strategy: As per current options data, strategy that should be preferred by the day traders in options
11Expectations in terms of possibility of upcoming reaction of the market. In normal case, regular trades can be preferred
12Expiry and type of options used for data
Expected phaseCooling phase or Normal state. This occurs when the market has shown extreme behaviour. This means that pull back is likely to happen or it is possible that the trend may change. This need to be checked in combination with Outlook. This should not be used for contrarian trading. This is useful in lowering the exposure or booking (full or partial) profit.