Special Markings Indicator

Real Time Market Bias Indicator

Special Markings Indicator


SBER’s special marking finds the range that once breakout has possibility of giving good momentum. To avoid false breakout, buffer is used and is marked by Blue colored line.

Markings used:
Purple marking -> Range that need to be broken
Blue line -> To check strength & sustenance
Red line -> Profit maximization line. Also used as Stop loss line

How to trade with Special Markings
Wait for price to break out of purple lines
Once broken, let it sustain above and show strength (i.e. close above blue line)
Once price is above blue line, trade is taken with Red line as stop loss (exit is price closes below red line). Vice-versa for sell side trade.

How to get access to this script?
Access to this script is currently made available complimentary for to Quick Trading Technique users only.

Are you a Corporate Red ID client?
Connect with us for details on how to get access to it on your custom system.