Stock Markets Simplified
Our data driven analytics applications cover equities, derivatives, commmodities, forex and cryptocurrencies.
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Technical Analysis Solution

For traders and investors who are looking for right tools for doing reliable technical analysis. Included wide range of analytical modules.


High end technical analysis tools for investors, traders, and options traders.
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Options Chain Analysis

Simplified options chain analytics for Index Options Traders who are looking for data analytics for trading in Nifty & Banknifty Options


Live Options Chain analytics for options traders of NIFTY and BANKNIFTY
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Youtube Channel
Free & Extended Learning

Learn practical trading for FREE. Check out youtube channel that has technical analysis for beginners and novice traders.

Profit Raining Youtube Channel

Channel for beginners and novice traders to start learning practical trading.
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Decision Tools for Stock Investment

Out of the box solutions based on price-action based breakouts, consolidations, volume analytics, index managed rallies, and modified waves of trend. Suitable for for both trading and investment planning and decisions.

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FREE LEARNING for beginners

Watch our youtube channel, Profit Raining, if you are beginner or novice in trader. We have published some of the best properietary content that can help you understand the market moves in easy and comprehensive manner.

For Traders & Investors

Dynamic nature of stock market

Market is always in evolution mode and its dynamic nature makes price projections tough. Adapting to market changes require continuous improvement.

Opportunities vs Buy/Sell

Stock market rewards the investors who have patience to wait for right opportunity. Gone are the days when only buy and sell could provide earning potential.

Right analytics

Knowing right analytics for right instrument at right time helps identify right price and visibility of opportunities. Right analytics is a eureka for your portfolio.

Multi-dimensional analysis

Simple faceted analysis is no longer the option. Good investment firms keep an eye on opportunities building up across different dimensions of stock.

Technology and methods

With growth of technology and quant trading, it is important for investment firms to invest in right methods and technology but with cost in control.

Education and training

Education on right analytics and training on adaptability can be challenging for investment firms. Setting up a path of development is the only solution.

Make a Right Decision, Timely.

Engage with us to know more about how our analytics tools can help you make right and timed decision in investment management.