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Innovative methods and tools for analysis of stock markets

Sophisticated tools for Stock Trading decisions

Out of the box solutions based on price-action, volume, and modified wave-theory. Suitable for intraday, swing trading, and investment decisions.

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Research Driven by Proprietary Methods

We have data-driven research and analysis methods, yet simple to implement and understand, for analyzing stocks and markets.

Learn to analyze market with our innovative tools and methods.

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Market Opportunities - Both Upside and Downside

Our analysis methods can help identify opportunities in both upside and downside move of the market. Stock trading is dynamic and brings its own risk. Learn how to analyze price movement with us.

Data driven research

Our technical analysis methods are highly data driven.

Equities & Futures

Research that span across cash to derivatives segments.

Customized Strategies

AI-driven customized strategies along with best possible exit points.

Technical analysis

Learn technical analysis from basic to advanced level

Systems & tools

Includes multiple systems that help analyze stocks/markets much better

Money and risk

Our methods are driven to contain risks with right money management

We Won Many Awards Since 2006


Sachin Bhatia is a SEBI Registered (INH200006141) Research Analyst.

From first trade in 2006 to working with MNCs, Sachin Bhatia, the founder of Sachin Bhatia Equity Research and Gripsell Technologies, comes with the background of research, analysis, and management combined.

Why choose us?

Instead of providing tips and calls, we prefer to research new methods to analyze stocks and markets. Market is dynamic and stock trading is highly risky. Thus, depending oneself on any person’s view means risking hard earned money on knowledge of unknowns (except those who are qualified to do so). Thus, we find ways to teach how to analyze market with tools and methods. Since the market is ever-changing, so does the methods and tools. Keeping yourself abreast with latest changes in analysis of market can help a trader or investor in boosting self analysis with innovative analysis methods.