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Winning Research Driven by Proprietary Methods?

We have over 13 years experience in stocks trading business. Our advisory is not based on generic indicators or standard methods. We have winning research and analysis methods for finding trading and investment opportunities.

These are tested and proven over the period of time.

Market Opportunities - Both Upside and Downside

We help identify right opportunities for profitable trading in both upside and downside move of the market.

Trade as per Bandwidth

Research packages range from intraday to short term trading.

Equities & Futures

Research advisory for trades in Equities & Futures.

Customized Strategies

AI-driven customized strategies along with Targets and SLs.

Profitable Trading

We boast of profitable trading using our prop method.

Multi Bagger Stocks

Winning recommendations on multi-bagger stocks with high growth potential

Friendly Channels

Services are delivered via social, fast, friendly channels.

We Won Many Awards Since 2006


Sachin Bhatia is a SEBI Registered (INH200006141) Research Analyst providing research advisory across Equity, Futures, and Options. We are a Specialist in buying high quality midcap companies that are often ignored by the analyst community.
Having over 13 years’ experience in trading field, Sachin Bhatia, the founder of Quity Research and Gripsell Technologies, comes with the background of technology, research, and management combined.

Why choose us?

We believe in providing research inputs that help generate profitable trades. We have come up with proprietary method of analyzing the equities and other securities. Today the trades are no longer driven by floor traders. Trades, these days, are managed by high speed algorithms. Retail traders/investor as well as institutions are trading against these computers.

With the help of strong technology bent of mind and quite intense experience across years of evolution of current mechanism of trading, we have developed methods that help us identify profitable opportunities ranging from opening bell (for intraday) to those spanning over the years (multibaggers).

Contact us to peek-a-boo our research findings, winning strategies, and see the difference.