Trend Jinni Indicator

Trend Jinni – Your trading time friend that helps you make right decisions

Trend Jinni indicator can be used for scalping, day trade, swing trades, short term or for investment analysis of equities, indices, currencies, and commodities. It provides easy to visualize multiple pieces of critical information:
1) Finds opportunity with major trade change information
2) Fake moves / Fake / False or fading trends
2) Support/resistance level
4) When not to be in the trade
5) Stop loss related information

Why Trend Jinni? It analyzes information and presents it much before other lagging indicators and adapts to the changes in securities

How to read Trend Jinni?
Jinni line colour:
Red = Sell-side trade
Green = Buy-side trade
Black = No trade zone

The best entry point is the one that is closest to the Jinni price line.
Trade is recommended to be closed when the price is below the Jinni line (in case of buy-side trade) or it is above the Jinni line (in case of sell-side trade)

What time frame should I use?
1 min = Very aggressive traders / Scalpers
5 min = Aggressive day traders
15 min = Patient day traders
60 min = Swing traders/Short term traders
1 day = Long term traders/Short term traders

Targets are indicative and must be followed with Technical Analysis.

Targets move with Jinni Line.