SBER ONE : One Membership, Multiple Benefits


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For Traders & Investors

Complimentary Access to WaveNodes Professional Edition

WaveNodes Professional Edition helps traders and investors visualize and forecast the market and is bundled with Intelligent Wave Calculotor and Volume Analytics.

Exclusive Analytics Offerings

Members have exclusive rights to subscribe* to some of our best analytics tools and services such as PEC (Price Expansion & Contraction) Analytics, PRS Service, 3CM Analytics, Real Time Trading Guides at discounted costs

Make Trading Easy with Add-Ons

Get WaveNodes PTL* (Profit Take Away Level) Module or Subscribe to WaveNodes Lens Service* and make your life easy with ready to use information for trading / investment.

Market View Report, News, Insights & Analytics

Get the market analytics from the expert. Know the market intentions before it acts. Market view report provides day-to-day insights and helps day and swing traders align with market dynamics.
*Now published on Youtube and Twitter (Public access)

Exclusive Training & Workshops

Learn the stock market's real analytics with SBER's exclusive videos, sessions, and workshops for the members. Not yet another session or video, SBER learning videos provide deep insight for self-analysis.

Online Delivery

Access analytics tools, reports, insights, learning sessions online. No need to setup complex infrastructure. Use analytics tools on any tradeable instrument available on tradingview.

* Additional cost applicable for a subscription. The charges mentioned are for the personal use of the trader/investor. Contact us for the commercial usage license

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