YT Members FAQs

Common FAQs from YT Members:
Q) Will Member-only Live Sessions / Videos be there in the direct subscription
A) Yes
Q) Are we discontinuing Youtube Channel
A) No
Q) Are you discontinuing Youtube Membership
A) Likely. Chat only level will be announced at a minimal price
Q) Will I get a refund from Youtube if I cancel membership today and subscribe to WaveNodes Professional Directly
A) We strongly recommend checking the same with Youtube directly also. To the best of our knowledge, If you cancel your membership today, Youtube will not refund the amount but will stop the billing from the next cycle. Thus we recommend cancelling membership only towards the end of your membership cycle

Q) If I cancel my Youtube membership, will I continue to have wavenodes access

A) Once YT removes your name from active members, your access will be disabled. You are advised to cancel the YT membership, only when you have subscribed directly. It can be done any time till 31 Oct 2021
Q) Do I need to cancel my Youtube Membership to subscribe to WaveNodes Professional directly.
A) This is not a mandatory step but a recommended step.
Q) I just subscribed to WaveNodes Professional directly, when will my services start?
A) Services will commence as soon as your order is processed. It may take up to 1-2 business to process the order.
Q) What is WaveNodes Lens
A) It is a stock screening service where stocks that have good potential to move are identified. A list of such stocks is sent over email. These stocks can then be analysed on WaveNodes by the end-users.
Q) I am not a Youtube Member. Will I get WaveNodes Lens if I subscribe to WaveNodes Professional?
A) No. It is offered 1-month complimentary to YT Members who take a direct subscription to WaveNodes Professional. WaveNodes users can upgrade to WaveNodes Pro Max or can subscribe to this module after completion of a complimentary period of 1 month.