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Marking lines not showing

If marking lines are not showing on chart, follow the steps given below: Login into your tradingview account Open a chart and add SBER SMI to it Turn off “Extended Hours (Intraday Only)” option as shown in picture below  

Decision Making Range Markings

Decision making range markings identify the range in and around which bulls and bears decide who is going to exercise control over market price. This is where most consolidation (accumulation or distribution) is expected to happen. This is marked by the SBER SMI using purple lines. Wider the range, more the consolidation is expected to […]

Stop & Bearish Marking

A trader must always remember that when price moves up, it is slow and steady. When it falls, it just falls off the cliff without a chute. But why does it happen? Big players take time to distribute and make money at highs. While they do so, they do not want retail traders to get […]

Strength & Sustenance Markings

Strength of breakouts are not gained immediately but is build gradually. However, retail traders are groomed to react to any breakout immediately and a bulk of traders enter the trades out of FOMO. FOMO (fear of missing opportunity) is tendency of a retail trader to react to abrupt and sudden move of price in urge […]

Understanding Markings

SBER’s special marking are the critical levels that help take decisions as well as find price points where bulls or bears are expected to gain strength. Markings used: 2 Purple lines -> Range that need to be broken (a.k.a Decision Making Range Markings) 1 Blue line -> To check strength & sustenance (a.k.a Strength & […]