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Understanding Markings

SBER’s special marking are the critical levels that help take decisions as well as find price points where bulls or bears are expected to gain strength.

Markings used:

  • 2 Purple lines -> Range that need to be broken (a.k.a Decision Making Range Markings)
  • 1 Blue line -> To check strength & sustenance (a.k.a Strength & Sustenance Markings)
  • 1 Red line -> Profit maximization line. Also used as Stop loss line (a.k.a Stop & Bearish Marking)

Purple lines find the range that once breakout has possibility of giving good momentum. To avoid false breakout, buffer is used and is marked by Blue colored line.

Blue line below purple lines indicate weakness. Its present above purple lines shows strength in price. You can read more above individual markings in subequent sections.

Red lines is used for finding price points below which bears are expected to be the boss of the market. Above this line, market is expected to remain in control of the bulls. Thus, it also acts as stop line for directional trade.

Apart from markings there are textual display of information that analyzes the price actin of keep displaying expected outcome in subsequent moves of the market.

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