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Opportunity vs Buy/Sell

A trader must remember that SBER SMI is not a buy/sell signal generation indicator but an analytical tool that helps take informed decisions. It can be inferred that this tool helps find opportunities for trade.

So what is the difference in an opportunity and buy/sell signal?

Let us take example of MA 10, 50 cross-over. A system generates buy signal whenever MA 10 crosses above MA 50 and short signal when MA 10 crosses below MA 50. At highs, let’s say big players want to trap retail traders and give a good upswing that may result into exhausion. Irrespective of scenario, MA crossover system will give buy signal and this can prove fatal for traders.

Consider a system that intelligently finds that whether range and breakout at highs are decision making range and false breakout and quickly alert the trader. Same way, when a trend is begininnig, it provides relevant analytics to tap the upcoming rally, it becomes and opportunity rather than buy/sell signal generator. In short, it is intelligence of a system that can visually provide timely and right intel to traders.

SBER SMI helps you to think alike an analyst rather than acting like a gambler.