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What is Special Marking Indicator

SBER’s SMI (Special Marking Indicator) is stock market analytics tools to know about upcoming behavior of stocks and markets. Predicatbility and precision using price action analysis is what markes SBER SMI stand out of rest other analytics tools.


Key features of SBER SMI are:

  • The tool identifies the range that once breakout has possibility of giving good momentum
  • To avoid false breakout, buffer is used and is marked by Blue colored line
  • Stop line that helps identify highly bearish points and is marked by Red colored line
  • Shows the expected range within which the stock price is expected to remain or reach
  • Shows textual alert for trap for buyers or sellers i.e. when traps are identified (false positive or trap by the big players)
  • Shows textual alert for abrupt indecisive upcoming moves i.e. when stock is expected to behave abruptly i.e. indecisive strong moves in haywire manner
  • Shows trend alert for possible upcoming trends i.e. when strock is expected to enter strong trends


Markings used:

  • Purple marking -> Range that need to be broken
  • Blue line -> To check strength & sustenance
  • Red line -> Profit maximization line. Also used as Stop loss line