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MTF Trading – Importance of Timeframe in Pullback Trading

Multi timeframe (MTF) trading is a common technique used by the pullback trader to find good and safe trades by validating trend and opportunities with help of a minimum of 2 close time frames. Although this is not mandatory and one can continue to stay with a single time frame. Think of a scenario when […]

Features of Pullback trading

Pullback Mode Pullback mode analysis strength of the trend and keeps updating pullback levels. Marked by 3 primary middle lines: Blue line (enter trade) Black line (possible reversal line) Red line (Stop line for Pullback trade) Bigger Trend Direction It is shown by an arrow that keeps highlight what is actual trend of the instrument […]

How to trade with Pullback Opportunity

    Pullback opportunities can be found in easy 3 steps using the SBER SMI analysis tool for trading: Step 1: Let’s say you missed opportunity marked 1 in the image above Step 2: Wait for the price to fall back below the blue line of pullback range which is a combination of 3 lines […]

How to turn on Pullback Trading

Pullback trading is available in SBER SMI starting v2.06B. If you see a version less than v2.06B, follow the steps below or skip to step 4 Step 1: Remove the existing version of SBER SMI from the chart. Step 2: Go to the indicators tab and select Invite-only scripts. Step 3: Select SBER SMI Subscription […]

What is Pullback Trading

Stock market or stocks do not move in a linear fashion but keeps swinging. When in a bullish trend, the correction or cool down is referred to as Pullback and is a good opportunity for the traders. Likewise, during a bearish trend, any recovery from lows is referred to as Pullback and presents an opportunity […]