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Features of Pullback trading

Pullback Mode

Pullback mode analysis strength of the trend and keeps updating pullback levels. Marked by 3 primary middle lines:
Blue line (enter trade)
Black line (possible reversal line)
Red line (Stop line for Pullback trade)

Bigger Trend Direction

It is shown by an arrow that keeps highlight what is actual trend of the instrument and is the direction which a trader or investor should prefer to be in.

Power Candles

Power candles are continuous trend validation candles that help trader and investors to get confirmation that trend is still strong. In bullish trend, low of these candles also serve as exit point.

No appearance of power candle for longer duration might lead to loss of trend strength.

Power candles also indicate change in trends.

SBER SMI uses different colors to mark the power candles (color the candle will be different from default theme if it is expected to be a power candle).

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