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We welcome you to try SBER SMI before subscribing it if you are new to this tool.

Best practices for new users of SBER SMI:

  • Start practicing with SBER SMI in equities first and trade with low risk (exposure).
  • Adapt to the analytics of SBER SMI. It may take time for a new user to fully align with this tool. Thus, more your practice trade using SBER SMI, better and early the results will be visible.
  • Do not risk with high exposure or start trading in highly volatile instruments such as NSE:BANKNIFTY if you are starting to use SBER SMI.
  • Know your trading profile.
  • Know best time frame to use SBER SMI.
  • Understand what is the difference between Buy/sell signal and opportunity.
  • If you have any query or doubt about usage, connect with us instead of making assumptions.
  • Evolve gradually with SBER SMI analytics.


We wish you success in your trading endeavour.